Our Story

The Spitzee Post Band

Some of the best things in life are formed from disaster. Such is the case with The Spitzee Post Band, formed in High River Alberta, in the year of the great flood of 2013, when the music was washed away. A bunch of town musicians found that the music was still there. So after drying off the music, the only place left to play was the Sptizee Post bar in town , and what a fitting name for the band "Spitzee" ( native for Higher Ground). With the love of folk, bluegrass, old timey, and killer new grass the "pied pipers" of High River Alberta have been on a quest to put energy and fun in their music, we like to call "Bluesgrass"! From the Calgary Stampede to festivals all over the west, spreading the love of music. Come give us a listen !

Wayne Corner, an oil field specialist who has played coffee houses, concert venues, mentored by the likes of Tim Williams.  A slide and guitar players' dream.  Family man and ex rancher.

Joe Gore, a lover of music and classics. Who was always singing even when people didn’t want him to! Semi retired oil field worker, husband, father and grandfather with the love of mandolin and guitar.

Coralee Gore, also a lover of music and classics. It's amazing, she never picked up an instrument sooner.  Later in life she met her mentor and now friend Trisha Gagnon from The Jay Birds.  Inspired her to become the upright bass player she is today.  She started in 2011.  She's also a loving wife, mother and grandmother.